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Non-emergent Hypertension

“Doctor, this patient’s blood pressure is 184/101, do you want to do anything about it?” 1 of every 3 adults in the United States has high blood pressure.1 Because of…

Acute Valvular Emergencies

Author: Dr. Catherine Buckley

When I think of patients with valvular disease in the setting of the emergency department, it is frequently the acute on chronic picture. For instance: the Aortic stenosis patient with significant worsening of their fluid overload symptoms because of sepsis. What I typically don’t imagine is diagnosing or treating brand new valvular emergencies. Thank goodness for didactics! We are going to briefly review acute Mitral Regurgitation and acute Aortic regurgitation based on a wonderful talk given by Dr. Yelena Dukarevich. 

Journal Club: trick or treat UTIs?

Author: Dr. Stephen Gore

In the spirit of antibiotic stewardship and limiting the side effects of said antibiotics, we took a critical look during our last Journal Club session at the utility of urinalyses, urine cultures and vague symptoms like confusion/altered mental state in diagnosing UTI. 

Pediatric DKA

Author: Dr. Trevor Landas I’m not sure about y’all but I honestly have not seen too many pediatric DKA patients. I’m assuming it probably has to do with thorough screening,…

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones…where to start. They’ve been described as “more painful than childbirth” (I can’t confirm as I’ve been fortunate enough to not had a kidney stone…or given birth) and are…