Welcome to the fourth year clerkship in Emergency Medicine at Rush University Medical Center and Cook County (Stroger) Hospital. We are excited to offer 4 week rotations in EM at our facilities. The contents of this website are to provide a one-stop shop to all the rotation information, evaluations, and requirements for successfully navigating and completing the clerkship.

The emergency room provides a unique opportunity for students. The constant influx of patients provides you with many chances to perform multiple focused assessments in a short time. You get immediate feedback: test results come back within hours and response to your treatment decisions is quickly evident. Plus, this is one of the few places in the hospital where you meet an undifferentiated patient.

This is your chance to flex your clinical thinking muscles. Through interactions with consultants, emergency medical personnel and patients, you can gain an understanding of the responsibilities of the emergency department and the needs it serves.

Thanks, Scott & Rahul