Here are some great videos on how to use bougies.

Intubation with bougies

Scott Weingart… yes, yes, but his video is good.

Shows a preloaded bougie, which is what we should probably be doing.

Has some great trouble shooting techniques

Bougie cric

Darren Braude’s video.

A different view of the whole thing.

I like this one because it shows the technique we’ll more likely be using.

Crazy bougie cric in real life

Ruben Strayer of EMUpdates posted a great video on how to do a cricothyrotomy. The only things that I would change are

  1. I would likely be soiling myself a lot more out of sheer panic
  2. I’d have everything ready (syringe and bougie)
  3. I’d pass the bougie in before removing the scalpel, just paranoid of losing that entrance
  4. I would have just cut the dude’s jaw wires instead of his neck

Great video of a procedure we do not do often. The more we see it, the less freaked out we’ll be by it.

He actually has another video of the same. How many cameras does this guy have in the resusc bay?

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