5 Minute Journal- PE YEARS

Author: Dr. Shivon Manchanda “Pregnancy-Adapted YEARS Algorithm for Diagnosis of Suspected Pulmonary Embolism.” Background:  The diagnosis of PE can be challenging. We do not want to scan everyone, yet even with the creation of decision-making tools, our use of CTPA is going up, while our yield of actual PE is going down. And pregnancy makes


You stroll into work, coffee in hand, and you’re feeling great today. Your first patient is being escorted to her room. She’s young, maybe in her early 30s, walking without difficulty, chatting with the person showing her the room. You think to yourself, why is she here? You sign into the computer and you see the chief complaint: elevated blood pressure. But she’s so young you say to yourself. You wait for the nurse to load the blood pressure in the computer and take a sip of your coffee. It loads: 162/98.  You ask if the patient has any other symptoms. The nurse says no and lets you know that the patient has no past medical history. You smile to yourself thinking easy discharge! You take another sip of coffee (well deserved).