New Kid on The HyperK Block… Lokelma

Lokelma (Zirconium Cyclosilicate) I’m sure everyone has seen our new friend, Lokelma, on the Rush hyperkalemia order set. Thought it would be fun to do a blog post to discuss our new medication. Also have quick blurbs about our friend, Kayexalate, as well as a small summary on Veltassa (Patiromer) that you may see used

Transplant Emergencies

Author: Catherine Buckley MD Working in the ED of a hospital that performs transplants means that you see a lot of people that are pre-, post-, post-and-pre-again-transplant. We are very very lucky that the transplant teams at Rush are very involved and involved early. In fact we are so lucky that transplant surgeon Dr. Edie

Bleeding AV Access

Bleeding AV Access


  • Most often occurs at dialysis center after fistula site is accessed
  • Presents as punctate bleed overlying fistula. Can be slow oozing bleed from uremia or high-pressure bleed similar to arterial bleed
    • Slow oozing bleed is less common in ED as hemostasis is often achieved at dialysis center