Sickle Cell Fever

Basics First off…what is sickle cell anemia? Who gets it? What does the spleen even do?? Calm down, we’ll get to all of that. Let’s start with. The. Basics. So… sickle cell anemia is an autosomal recessive disease that results in a mutation in the Beta chain of hemoglobin, resulting in an amino acid change

Student Presentations • November 2015

Here are three presentations, two using Prezi and one using Emaze. All three require Flash. Dmitriy Cherny: Prezi: When To Transfuse GI Bleeds Jeremy Chapman: Prezi: Dental Abscesses Meghana Karmarkar: Emaze: Is Obesity A Risk for Diverticulitis? Magdalena M Stepien: Living With Intractable Epilepsy (see below) Living with intractable epilepsy made easier Epilepsy is a