5 Minute Journal

“Combined Corticosteroid and Antiviral Treatment for Bell Palsy A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis” Background/Study Question This article aimed to answer the question: Do steroids PLUS antivirals offer reduced risk of unsatisfactory facial recovery in patients with Bells Palsy? A little background about Bell’s Palsy; it is a cranial nerve 7 palsy thought to be viral

Drowning and Submersion Injuries

With summer rapidly approaching, we are all waking from our winter slumber ready to the hit the beaches and take a little dip in the pools. Today we are going to immerse ourselves in all things water related. With all the knowledge in this post you will be able to flow right through your next

GI Bleeds

All right folks, the chief complaint we all know and love: “rectal bleeding”. It may strike fear in your heart or bring you comfort in its algorithmic approach. However, GI bleeds can present in a variety of ways from the “sick” to “not sick”. So, grab your GUAIAC cards and let’s get started. UPPER GI

Online Didactics

This series of posts covers how we’ll move our didactics from live in-person sessions to online in response to COVID-19 changes. Zoom basics Activate your Rush Zoom account (do this first) Getting Zoom running on your smartphone Joining a Zoom meeting from a link emailed to you Creating content Making online videos on a Mac

Non-emergent Hypertension

“Doctor, this patient’s blood pressure is 184/101, do you want to do anything about it?” 1 of every 3 adults in the United States has high blood pressure.1 Because of this, hypertension is something we see constantly in the ED, from incidentally noted hypertension in patients presenting with other complaints to patients coming to the

Pediatric DKA

Author: Dr. Trevor Landas I’m not sure about y’all but I honestly have not seen too many pediatric DKA patients. I’m assuming it probably has to do with thorough screening, but it’s important to know how it is managed because it has a couple nuances that are different than the treatment of adult patients. Definition

Mushroom Toxicity

As we approach the end of Italian Truffle hunting season (according to google…) let’s talk about some of the toxicology of Mushrooms based on a brief talk from our tox boss Dr. Swoboda. Most often, inedible and even edible (but decomposing…) mushrooms cause a syndrome of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Typically this starts

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones…where to start. They’ve been described as “more painful than childbirth” (I can’t confirm as I’ve been fortunate enough to not had a kidney stone…or given birth) and are responsible for >1 million ED visits per year. In this wonderful blog post we will cover what you, as an ED physician, need to know