End-of-Shift Evaluations

At the conclusion of each shift please submit a shift evaluation. You will complete the first part, after which your attending will complete and submit the second part. These may be completed on your portable device, or on your attending’s computer, depending on their preference (ask first!). You may open the above linked webpage on any device.

For EM Interns (Rush PGY1), use this Evaluation:

EM1 End-of-Shift Evaluation

For EM Second Years (Stroger PGY2), use this Evaluation:

EM2 End-of-Shift Evaluation

For Off Service (non EM resdidents), use this Evaluation:

Off Service End-of-Shift Evaluation


End-of-Shift Evaluation of Attendings

Please login through MedHub and select “Initiate Evaluation of a Faculty Member” to complete an evaluation of your Attendings.

End-of-Rotation Evaluation of Attendings and Rotation

Please take the time to complete an evaluation of your Attendings with whom you worked as well as your feedback on the rotation.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this evaluation and hope you found the rotation a valuable & educational experience.