This page is intended to answer some of the questions that frequently arise during the rotation in the Emergency Department.  As always further questions or concerns can be directly to Pamela Manning (Resident Education Coordinator – Pamela_Manning@rush.edu) or I.  Hope this helps!

1.  How many patients should I be carrying during my ED shift in general?

For an intern you should be actively (i.e. – not patients discharged just waiting on papers or admitted just waiting for a bed) managing at least 2-3 patients at a time (for a total of at least 10-12 patients by the end of the shift).  As for seniors my expectation is that you are actively managing at least 3-4 patients at a time (for a total of 14-16 patients by the end of the shift).  A critical aspect of the practice of emergency medicine is the ability to multi-task efficiently including timely work-ups and dispositions of patient care.

2. Where do I turn in my evaluation forms at the end of the rotation?

You can turn your evaluations into the ED Administrative Office in the far southeast corner of the Emergency Department (beyond the locker rooms).  If the door is closed or it is after hours you can slide your forms under the door.  Alternatively if you are on the other side of the hospital you can also turn your forms into Pamela Manning in 108 Kellogg.  As long as they are turned it.. that is the most important part!

3.  Do I have the opportunity to evaluate the attendings after my rotation?

Yes you do!  In fact it is encouraged you take the time to evaluate the attendings with whom you worked at the end of your rotation with us.  You can find the evaluation form under the ‘resident’ tab on the main page.

4. How do I know which pod I am supposed to be working in?

In order to sort out which pod you are supposed to be working in look at the legend on top of the resident rotating schedule.  If your shift is in white you are scheduled for pod B.  If your shift is in green you are scheduled for a pod C shift.  If you are a Cook County resident and your shift is in blue you are doing a pediatric EM shift which will generally be in pod C although keep an eye out for children roomed in pod B as you are expected to manage them as well.

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