M4 Visiting Student Clerkship Application

Thank you for your interest in a clerkship rotation in the Emergency Department at Rush University Medical Center! As part of the application process, we request that students complete this online application. We began accepting applications on March 15th, 2018.

Please visit: Visiting Students (Rush) to ensure you meet the requirements for application. Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements will not be considered.

Applicants who are accepted for a rotation will then be asked to complete the online VSAS application in order to register the course with Rush Medical College. Of note, Do not apply to VSAS unless you have been notified of acceptance for a rotation. Applications submitted to VSAS without having been accepted via the online application will not be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: This application applies ONLY for students interested in rotating at Rush University Medical Center. Cook County Hospital (Stroger) accepts applications separately. Please visit: http://www.cookcountyem.com/students/ if you are interested in applying for a visiting rotation with Cook County Hospital.

Medical Student Clerkship Application

  • Demographic Information

  • Educational Experience

  • Please list your undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and the medical school in which you are currently enrolled.
    InstitutionCity, StateDegree EarnedDates of Attendance 
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  • Please list current completed clerkships and your grades for those clerkships if available
    HospitalCityRotationDatesGrade (if available) 
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  • Please briefly state your interest in applying for a clerkship rotation in the Emergency Department at Rush University Medical Center
  • Rotation Preference

    Please list your preferred rotation dates. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, however we cannot guarantee that all first choices will be honored.

Thank you for applying for a clinical rotation in the emergency department at Rush University Medical Center. If you have any questions regarding your application please contact our clerkship coordinator, Ms. Karmen Howard. karmen_d_howard@rush.edu