How to Read A Paper

Using evidence in the practice of medicine requires minding three areas: the best available evidence, the clinical scenario and the patient’s values. There are four steps to carry out this process. ASK a clinical question (PICO).  During the care of your patients, you’ll come across something to which you don’t know the answer. This uncertainty

Presenting in the ER

“…no matter how much compassion and warmth I may have with my patients, my superiors grade me more on how polished I am, how well crafted my presentation is.”

– Fourth-year medical student

As unfair as it may be, your clinical grade in most of your rotations will be based on how well you present your patients. It’s very unlikely that we watch you do your physical exam or observe your interaction with the patient. It all comes down to that short performance. So why not be great at that game?

Welcome Students

Welcome to the fourth year clerkship in Emergency Medicine at Rush University Medical Center and Cook County (Stroger) Hospital. We are excited to offer 4 week rotations in EM at our facilities. The contents of this website are to provide a one-stop shop to all the rotation information, evaluations, and requirements for successfully navigating and