Aortic Dissection

Intro We had an awesome lecture by Dr. K Gore this past week–this blog is a quick review of her lecture on aortic dissection. Background An aortic dissection (AD) is a tear into the intimal layer of the aortic wall. It is commonly described as a “tearing” chest pain that radiates to the back–which is

Pacemaker Review

Goal of This Blog

Pacemakers are becoming increasingly common as our population ages, and are seen more and more in the emergency department. The goal of this post is to summarize common pacemaker settings, the 5-letter nomenclature of pacemakers, indications for pacemaker placement, pacemaker components, common pacemaker complications (majority of blog), and lastly the management of pacemakers in the ED (including applying a magnet).  …And as always, the blog ends with some medical history