Thyroid Emergencies

Thyroid emergencies are an interesting class of disorders. They’re rare, but are an acute, life-threatening group of syndromes. This is in contrast to the vast majority of thyroid cases that often present with minor symptoms (or found on routine labs), only requiring outpatient treatment and medications. Thyroid emergencies are the extreme versions of these thyroid disorders.  They fall into two categories:  “too low” of thyroid hormone (myxedema coma) and “too high” of thyroid hormone (thyroid storm). The post starts with some background anatomy and physiology, and then dives into each disorder separately. Also briefly discusses Levothyroxine overdose.



Here are some resources for hyperglycemia based on our session today. First here are RMC’s DKA protocols for adults and pediatric patients. DKA Protocol_2016.06.11 Peds DKA guidelines final 2013 Then some videos (old and new) about DKA and HHS. 2013 DKA and HHS These video review diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperglycemic hyperosmolar states. The second one