You Said… We Did…

Hello students, this rotation is built on the comments of those who came before you. We have made several changes based on those comments (a sample of which are provided in the table below). So we please ask you to be open and honest and take a moment to evaluate our rotation.Here are a few examples:

You Said… What We Did…
You wanted help with presentation We created a video on how to present while in the Emergency Department.
You wanted an reading ECG workshop Created an ECG workshop along with a supporting video curriculum. I’m, in fact, working on creating an ECG library for you as well. In the process of collecting good ECG’s.
Eliminate traditional lectures After we started experimenting with the video curriculum, you had asked for more. And ultimately wanted us to replace the lectures with videos. The time we formerly spent in lecture we now spend in the simulation lab.
You wanted more simulation We started using the simulation lab 2 years ago prior to the opening of the new center. Even then you wanted more, so we abandoned traditional lecture based didactics for a simulation based curriculum. Your comments have generally been quite positive.
Handouts for the main points of the sim lab While the video curriculum is generally well liked, you wanted a summary take-away. So we created handouts along with pre-brief materials to review concepts before doing the sim cases.
No more PICO questions The EBM portion of the curriculum has undergone the most change. You had said you felt like the short presentations were of little yield in teaching you how to evaluate the literature. So we changed it to a session on how to approach and use Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses. This caps off the four-year EBM curriculum we’re in the process of building.
You wanted a book recommendation We loan you a copy of Clinical Emergency Medicine. We didn’t think it was fair to make you buy a copy since we wrote it. But it’s a great book with authors from across the country.
Felt like the Road Maps book didn’t prepare me adequately for the exam We now loan you a copy of Clinical Emergency Medicine. This book was written by clerkship directors across the country, the same CD’s who contributed questions to the NBME exam.
You wanted practice problems for the test We created a set of practice problems for each session which we will go over together. We hope to share how we think about these questions and hopefully will improve your performance on the test
You felt the EBM Self-Directed Learning Project form was too confusing We simplified the form and removed the unclear questions.
You wanted to be able to study the ECG’s independently We created a self-directed ECG module (with the option of an in class session if desired).


  1. Overall it was a great rotation. This was one of my favorite rotations during M3 or M4 year. I learned a lot on my shifts, and I thought the simulations were very helpful.

    I think it would have been nice to work a shift or two in Pod A, just so we can experience some acute issues, get triage experience, stitch some wounds and perform basic medical care, and just to help better understand the flow of the ER. The PA students get to work in that pod, and they all say they really enjoy it (even if it is for a short amount of time). I think it would be beneficial for medical students as well.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Frank. Maybe we can try it and then see how students like it. Thanks for the input. It was great having you rotate with us.

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